Aima Baby Walker

Babies strong enough to begin walking but not strong enough to walk alone. Our Aima Baby Walker builds confidence in your baby and teaches balance while you maintain your natural posture, eliminating the grueling task of hunching over while teaching your baby to walk. 

Product Description:

  • Recommended for baby's from 6-18 months
  • The straps and safety buckles are adjustable, which make your baby feel comfortable and reduce your backache from bending over. Perfect ergonomics!
  • The top handle is removable, which allow you to pull the baby with one hand or two hands.
  • No tugging and twisting on little arms which can cause nursemaid's elbow. 
  • Helps baby balance naturally, hands-free and experiencing fewer falls

Lift-with-Crotch for Start-to-Stand

This style can be used for babies around 8, 9 months. When they are proficient in crawling and sitting, they start to grab anything to help them stand up, like table or sofa. If your baby is standing on tiptoe, which means he is not ready to stand. Stop right now unless they are ready.

Lift-without-Crotch for Ready-to-Walk

This style is used for babies around 10 to 12 months. When the parents find that the baby can and stand very stable while holding things or with little help, they can start to try to walk. Actually, this is the first stage of the baby's learning to walk. In this stage, you can let the baby learn to squat and walk without holding anything, to strengthen baby's balance.

Pull-with-Crotch for Walk-with-Stumble

This style is used for babies around 13 months. In this stage, parents should continue to train the strength of the legs, as well as the coordination of the body and the eyes. It is also important to train the baby's ability to adapt to different grounds in this stage.

Pull-without-Crotch for Self-Walking

This style is used for babies around 16 months. If the baby is already able to walk well, his curiosity of exploring the surrounding things will be gradually enhanced. Parents should satisfy his curiosity at this time and make him walk independently. All you have to do in this stage is stop him from making troubles.


  • Chest Circumference: 46-66cm / 18.1-25.9inches
  • Material: Pearl Cotton for the handle and shoulder straps, thicken soft cotton pads for oxter, breathable cotton for the waistcoat.  


  • Before using, make sure the fastener is fastened properly to ensure safety.
  • Adjust the length of the product shoulder strap and seat belt jack until the distance is appropriate.
  • For baby health, do not drink any milk before using
  • Parents do not use the toddler belt to lift the baby, or do such as "swinging" and other dangerous moves.
  • When using the baby toddler belt, you must be accompanied by an adult, not let the baby walk alone. Each walking time can not be too long, so as not to make the baby discomfort.
  • Wash the toddler belt, in order to prevent damage to parts, can not be placed on the washing machine or dry cleaning machines for cleaning, should be used warm water and baby hand-washing detergent to prevent the baby allergy.

Care Instructions:

  • Hand washing only, air dry. Don’t dry cleaning or washing machine. 

What's Included:

  • 1 x Aima Baby Walker


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