Important Notice - COVID-19


Hello customers!

First and foremost, we would just like to thank everyone for supporting us, our little store and community has grown so fast with tremendous support and alot of great feedback has been received from our products. 

As you're aware, these past few months there has been significant impact from the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on the world which is affecting all businesses and individuals. And we are no exception. Even though our business is online only, we rely on the shipping and logistics from carriers to get the products to you safe and sound. 

Please read the following points we'd like to address with your orders

  • Everyone should of got a tracking number, it is automatically generated. Please check your spam inbox.
  • If you are from Australia. Australia Post, expects major international delivery delays due to flight cancellations and government restrictions because of COVID-19. Australia Post is working with partner airlines and other postal operators to move items as quickly as possible. For the most up to date information on disruptions to Australia Post, please visit
  • There will be delays on top of our regular shipping times. We dispatch all packages within 24hours of the order being made and it goes through the proper channels. Our website says 2-4 weeks which is usual time. However due to limited number of flights everyday to AUSTRALIA, and limited flights in China they may be held up at at a sorting centre for a period of time before they are shipping and sent to AU customs for inspection/passing and clearance.
  • If you had ordered your products from March - May 2020 - there are significant delays which shows your package being stuck. Your parcels were sent during a time where USA had suddenly restricted movement from international shipping literally overnight which held up everything. Please NOTE: We have now been informed your parcels have all been re-directed through different channels, there will be a longer wait ahead - potentially up to 12 weeks in this environment.
  • China flights are being shared with essential items (masks, PPE gear etc). And they are being prioritized first obviously. 
  • There is no ETA on orders, we are looking at this everyday and parcels are being delivered, just at a slower rate. We cannot make it go faster and this is out of our control (we wish we could make it go faster!) There are delays in some China sorting centers as well as USA and Australia.
  • There are some packages that have had no movement for a long time (4 weeks+ at one sorting center.) This is totally normal
  • You can insert your order number here for tracking. This website connects most flights to seamlessly or you can use this - make sure to translate to English
  • We want to make it clear as a business, and you as our customers - it is our promise we will NOT leave you with no product and no money. If we deem your product potentially lost, we will refund you - but we are making are damn sure to do our best for you guys. 
  • Please note that all countries are taking steps to prevent and minimize the spread of the coronavirus. According to the World Health Organization, corona viruses do not survive for long on objects. The post says it is therefore safe to receive postal items from China without risk of contracting the virus. Measures have nevertheless been implemented to ensure the safety of mail processing and postal staff, including disinfection of postal offices, processing centers and transportation vehicles, and monitoring of postal staff’s physical health.
  • We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, things had escalated very quickly with border control (and continues to change daily) and we are doing everything in our power to protect our customers hard earned money on our products. We've got your back!---


  • We cannot provide refunds whilst it is in transit. That means you would receive the product and we'd be out of pocket. It is best to carry on your normal lives without looking at tracking everyday. It arrives when it arrives.
  • However, once you receive it - please let us know. We will provide a free return label to send back (domestically in USA) and we will fully refund you. No costs to you whatsoever
  • If your product hasn't arrived within 12 weeks WE WILL REFUND YOU and you get to keep the parcel

If you are happy to wait for the extended time,we're going to refund you $5 AUD for the shipping on top of your coupon code if you had used it and we'll cop the loss. Your satisfaction is our priority.

We strive daily to improve your customer experience on all aspects especially in harsh times.

Please and thankyou for understanding, your patience and we wish you the best in these terrible times. Please stay safe.

🍑 The Peach and Pumpkins Team xx