Why Buy From Us?

Simple. Professional. Enjoyable. This is the Peach and Pumpkins way. Our intent is to provide an exceptional online retail store experience for our customers around the world that reflects our company's core principles, and a vision founded upon a resolute belief in Quality, Family, Value and Customer Service.


We are dedicated to offering our customers the best unique products using quality safe materials for the best value. Compromising on quality is simply not an option; every single item that leaves our warehouses has been inspected for adherence to our exceptional quality standards. If there is any issue or concern, please Contact Us.


At Peach and Pumpkins our goal is to provide you with the best unique products at the lowest competitive and exclusive prices. All our products and trailed and tested, and approved by third party manufacturers and customers. Our team is dedicated to sourcing the best baby safe products suitable for you and your baby. We would NOT sell any products we wouldn't use ourselves as parents. Avoid any imitation products.


Small family business are the backbone to the economy and are raised in the foundation of personal customer service and understanding. As an independent  family based business, we understand the concern for baby safety. All our products are baby safe made to support, engage or bring your baby and others closer to each other. We support local businesses against the rise of corporations.

Customer Service

Our commitment to the value and quality, are supported by the backbone of our business: an unwavering dedication to Customer Service. Our customer service support team is comprised of professionally experienced individuals ready to answer your questions or welcome your feedback regarding any matter from payment options, order status and product information. Simply fill in the form and Contact Us and we will respond to you in a timely matter. We are glad to offer our services via email, or live chat on Facebook and look forwards to hearing from you soon.

How Shopping With Us Saves You Money

Say goodbye to the middleman! By working directly with product manufacturers, we offer some of the lowest prices in the industry. No dealers. No wholesalers. No high price tag. Just high quality items with big discounts shipped to your home or business.

We have some of the most exclusive products for kids that you won't find in stores, or even if you did - we'd have a price almost 50% lower than theirs and it hasn't been sitting on the shelve for years waiting to be sold collecting dust. This is because we've built an exclusive supplier network where only the best quality product manufacturers can get in and our children's products are always the latest and greatest version so you know that you and your babies will get the best products on the market when its time to buy.

Peach and Pumpkins operates by a unique Manufacturer to Consumer (M2C) business model. This effectively cuts out the middle man and passes the savings on to you, the consumer!

We send directly from our manufacturers throughout the world, saving you time, money, and ensuring the best quality product possible.


"M2C Eliminates Several Layers Of Traditional Retail Operations And As A Result Delivers Savings To The Consumer."  Source


"Mobile Retailers Are Leveraging Non-Traditional Retail Approaches Like Manufacturer To Consumer (M2C) And Fast Fashion Tactics To Provide A Different Experience." Source

We Believe Good Quality & Great Customer Service Aren't Measured By A Price Tag

Safety and quality are of the utmost importance to us. From the manufacturer to your doorstep, we go above and beyond what's legally required to ensure each product meets our high quality standards.

We don't believe great customer service is only found in a few large corporate brands, and Peach and Pumpkins will always go one step further to making sure the customer is satisfied with their shopping experience and product purchase.

We're small but we have big hearts, we actually care because we are the same as you. We're both parents, and online shoppers so we understand.

We hope you enjoy.