Girls Jackets

Do you know what’s a perfect combination? A cold day plus a cute baby jacket.

Here we have cute and adorable baby girl jackets that will add extra life to the winter days. Aside from protecting your daughter from the cold, the colourful jackets we have here will add another level of cuteness to your baby girl.

With lovable and creative designs, every cold day will be a photo shoot day. Whether you’re planning to walk a bit outdoors or stay indoors for the whole day, these comfortable jackets will be your baby’s new best friend.

Winter outfits don’t have to be heavy. With our warm, cosy and lightweight jackets, your baby stays comfortable for hours. Surely you’ll see the smile on your daughter’s face each time she has the warm jacket on.

Right now we’re busy adding new things to our catalogue (check back often for new collections). After all, mums always look for something new and cute for their lovely daughters (for a walk outside or an unplanned photo shoot).

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