A Guide to Baby Shower Etiquette

December 12, 2018 0 Comments

A Guide to Baby Shower Etiquette

Mums will always be busy even during pregnancy. Aside from preparing for childbirth, many mums also have to think about the baby shower. Although it’s not a requirement, a baby shower is an amazing way to celebrate your pregnancy and give a proper welcome to the baby’s much anticipated arrival.

However, is there a right way to do a baby shower? What are the “unwritten rules” when it comes to this kind of celebration? And most important, how do we guarantee that it will truly be a celebration?

A guide to baby shower etiquette

Baby shower etiquette #1: At the 6th to 8th month of pregnancy is a good time for the baby shower (the belly should be big enough).

Let’s start with when the baby shower should happen. Any time after conception is fine but it’s good to have an obvious big belly so that the purpose of the celebration is clear. As a result, many advise that the baby shower should happen when the mum is 6 to 8 months pregnant (big belly is now obvious).

At eight months, it will feel like a true welcome for the baby because that’s the period when everyone’s excited and anticipating. But some people prefer it to happen at the sixth month. After all, mums want to focus on the transition to parenthood when the special day fast approaches and settle all things months before giving birth.

Baby shower etiquette #2: Let your closest friends and family organise and manage the baby shower (while you’re still close by so they can ask you about your preferences).

Once the baby shower date is set, it’s time to set things in motion and start organising it. Should you do it all yourself or ask big assistance from friends and relatives?

It’s always good to have helping hands when organising the baby shower and beyond. Don’t worry it’s now common to have the mum’s closest friends and immediate family to host the event and manage the process. Keep in mind that organising even a little event like a baby shower can put a toll on you. You have to think about the invitations, food, drinks, decorations, venue and other details. But if your closest friends and immediate family are there, things will be a lot easier. You can just act as a consultant or advisor where the organisers will just ask you for the most important details (like the theme of the baby shower and the people you’ll invite).


Baby shower etiquette #3: It’s all right to invite men and allow them to be involved in the celebration.

When it comes to organising the baby shower, another top concern is about the guest list. Should you also invite males? Definitely yes if the father is around so he can also feel the joy and celebration (some male friends whom he can share his happiness). Although the event chemistry will change (instead of being a bonding moment for the ladies), inviting men can make the celebration complete.


Baby shower etiquette #4: Where should you hold the baby shower? It’s all right to hold it at the mum-to-be’s house. It’s also all right to hold it at the home of a friend or relative (as long as they’re willing) or at a nearby restaurant or cafe.

It’s also important to take care of the event location early on. Whether it’s at the home of the mum or someone else’s, the goal is to make life a bit easier for the mum-to-be. For example, if the event location will be at the mum’s house, someone else should take care of the cleanup. Many mums are worried about the after-event cleanup which is why they avoid holding the baby shower at home.


Baby shower etiquette #5: Go for the gift registry because people will actually appreciate it.

The gift registry is also now common and in fact, people are very thankful for it because they become sure that the items they buy won’t be a duplicate (or the ones you receive will actually be useful). It’s also good to get specific in the gifts you want. Most friends will be glad to buy them for you and your baby.


Baby shower etiquette #6: A few bottles of champagne is all right. The baby shower could be 3 to 4 hours long.

A 3-4 hour celebration is good enough for everyone to get warm without the rush. You can think of it as a late luncheon wherein the food and drinks are light. It also makes the event feel relaxed and warm because the focus will be on people instead of the food on the table. Is alcohol appropriate? As mentioned, a few bottles of champagne is good so that it will feel like a real celebration (for many people it’s hard to imagine an adult gathering without some alcohol).

If you still have doubts about including alcohol (and if it’s appropriate for the celebration), it’s good to prepare it and let the guests have options (instead of making them look around and ask you). Also, a few bottles of champagne on the scene would make it really feel like a triumphant and positive celebration.


Baby shower etiquette #7: It’s all right to open the presents in front of the guests.

An event gets more exciting and livelier if there’s some kind of surprises and reveal (opening the gifts). Some may consider it rude but it’s one of the things that actually bring joy to the special occasion.

Just make sure that the session for that is not too long. It should be quick so it won’t feel like a drag. Instead, it will be a smooth experience and integrates perfectly with the entire event. Although there’s the gift registry, opening the presents and revealing something brings out the excitement.


Baby shower etiquette #8: A baby shower for baby #2 and beyond is great.

After all, there’s every reason to celebrate for that. The baby shower is also another reason to bring together your family and friends. Although it’s your second or third baby, everyone’s anticipating his or her arrival so it’s just good to allow other people to take part in your celebration.

Just like with the first baby shower, this event is equally special. It’s a good way to prepare yourself to another transition (it’s like opening a new chapter) while allowing others to share your joy. And yes, it’s also a loveable way for your child/children to welcome their new baby brother or sister.

The goal of a baby shower is to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your baby. It’s also a way of bringing family and friends closer and getting in touch with one another. Just take it slow and easy because the focus should always be on the baby. And of course, congratulations because every day (not just during the baby shower) is a good time to celebrate.