Can I Take Antibiotics While Breastfeeding?

July 21, 2021 0 Comments

Can I Take Antibiotics While Breastfeeding?

Most antibiotics and medicines are safe for you and your baby. However, it’s still important to consult your doctor (and notify him/her that you’re breastfeeding) and the paediatrician. This is especially the case if your baby is premature or sick.

Effect of antibiotics on breastmilk

What’s found in your bloodstream can also be found in your breastmilk, which is why you should be careful when taking any kind of medications including antibiotics. Although the amounts in breastmilk will likely be a lot less (because of dilution), still they will find their way into your baby’s body.

Because antibiotics kill bacteria both good and bad, they might cause an upset stomach to you and your baby. You might also notice your baby becoming fussy because of the side effect (which is still safe by the way). In addition, taking antibiotics might lead to fungal growth and infection. This is a consequence of having fewer good bacteria which keep microorganisms in check (i.e. microbial populations are getting out of balance). This fungal growth can then lead to an upset stomach as well as diaper rash.

Most likely you don’t have to worry about those side effects because they’re temporary and will naturally disappear after some time and proper care. If you’re still worried though, you should keep in touch with your doctor and the paediatrician. This way, you can immediately report any unusual side effects and your other concerns.

Before taking antibiotics

Penicillins, cephalosporins and most other antibiotics are considered safe. But before you take any kind of medications and antibiotics, it’s important to ask your doctor if it will be safe for your baby and how it will affect your breastmilk (including the taste and biochemical composition). Also ask if there are safer alternatives or if you could only take a lower dosage. You should also pay extra attention to how long you have to take the antibiotics (it can take as long as 10 consecutive days which is common in treating mastitis) as well as how long the antibiotics will stay in your bloodstream.

If you’re still seriously concerned about taking antibiotics and you consider just skipping it, you have to take note that your health could be in danger. It’s still best to take the necessary medications and treatment while observing the precautions. This way, both you and your baby will stay healthy. If you’re healthy and feeling well, you’re better equipped to take care of your baby and give your full attention.