Discover Why Mums Love the Mambo Climb Float for Babies Wanting to Swim

January 16, 2020 0 Comments

Discover Why Mums Love the Mambo Climb Float for Babies Wanting to Swim

“It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

That’s what Mia said when she doesn’t let her baby get on to the pool. Even if there’s a swim float or swim trainer, the worry and risk just isn’t worth it.

But what about the baby? Your baby will be missing a lot of fun and experience. And when your baby is already a few months old, it’s actually the perfect time to introduce him/her to the water. You don’t want your baby to miss out the fun especially on your next vacation.

The questions most mums have then: “Is there a safe and fun way to introduce my baby to the water?”

Good news is that this 2020 mums can now buy a safe and fun swim float that babies love. The Mambo Climb Float - Swimtrainer With Canopy (ideal for babies 2 months to 2 years old) sets a new standard when it comes to safety, security, comfort, ease of setup, portability and durability.

“It really feels like it can’t be flipped”

Mums now have peace of mind because of the float’s Anti-Flip Design plus it being certified for AUS/NZ 1900:2014 and European Safety Standards EN13138-1. And babies now love being on the water because of the float’s next generation ergonomic design for maximum comfort.

With the 5-point Safety feature and with a multiple harness system, both parents and grandparents never go wrong with this swim trainer for babies. Of course supervision is still required but with the product’s strong safety features, peace of mind is guaranteed.

How does it work? First you unlock all the buckles and then you put in your baby. To secure your baby, you would then close the wings and adjust waist tightness and the crotch. Finally, your baby is ready to float and swim (with your close supervision).

What about leaks?

“A small leak will sink a great ship.”

Say goodbye to inflatables because they can leak and sink anytime. With the superior PearlFoam™Latex foam instead, say goodbye to leaks and say hello to the unsinkable ship. With maximum buoyancy plus waterproof skin, it surely will float and even survive the next hot summer vacation you’re planning. There’s plenty of room and it’s designed for babies up to 2 years old.

Protect your baby from harsh UV

What mums also love about this is that there’s an Attachable Canopy with SunSmart UV Protection 50+. This is perfect because you don’t have to worry about the harsh sunlight and UV rays. Your baby is protected from the sun while he or she is enjoying the water. Your baby will learn critical swimming skills without you worrying much about the UV.

Aside from the functional and safety features, the Mambo Climb Float - Swimtrainer With Canopy is also awesome for pictures. Available in green, mint green and pink, the photos just stand out especially if your child is in it (and you will get a full view because of the mesh on both sides). The swim float looks perfectly in combination with the pool or beach and it makes the baby the star of the picture.

The baby’s favourite

“I love watching my baby just lay and float on the water and sometimes she keeps on kicking  and paddling like she’s finally enjoying the pool.” – Charlotte

 With this swim trainer your baby will feel the ultimate fun and excitement. Perhaps you’ve already watched in horror and worry other babies who cry and scream whenever they approach the pool or beach. It really ruins the fun for the baby and you see the parents’ faces in extreme pain and disappointment.

But this is totally different because babies love floating their backs or being on their tummies with this fun swim trainer. And indeed this is awesome for training because babies finally enjoy the sensation of the water and they interact more. This rich interaction is critical to babies who are gaining swimming skills.

Maximum comfort is also guaranteed because the material is baby skin-friendly. The PearlFoam™Latex foam inside has no allergic effects on the skin. Aside from being suitable to the baby’s sensitive skin, this product of innovation is also known to be of high quality and environment friendly.

Parents and grandparents recommend

Parents and grandparents choose this because of the superior features and details especially when it comes to comfort and safety. They’re now thankful because they have something special, fun and safe for their child or grandchild. Introducing the baby to the water now becomes a cute and delightful experience for everyone.

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