Peach and Pumpkins Reaches 5K Customers Milestone

September 28, 2017 0 Comments

Peach and Pumpkins Reaches 5K Customers Milestone

Peach and Pumpkins, an online store for people looking for unique baby gifts and accessories, has recently reached the 5000-customer milestone. This is a huge achievement that resulted from five months of hard work, commitment to quality and excellent customer service.

Sydney, NSW September 28, 2017

As a small family business based in Sydney, Peach and Pumpkins has successfully sold and delivered thousands of trending products and items, ranging from baby swaddles up to baby apparel such as jackets and shoes. Thousands of customers from around the world including Australia, United States, UK, Canada and other countries have already purchased from Peach and Pumpkins.

Worldwide flat rate shipping, secure shopping, quality, safety and affordability are the things that helped Peach and Pumpkins achieve massive growth in those five short months. They have also built and nurtured a community of loving parents through social media with content that connects with the audience that brings out the humorous side of being a parent.

Parents want to ensure safety for their newborns. That is why Peach and Pumpkins only teamed up with exclusive manufacturers who are committed to safety and high standards. As loving parents themselves, the family at Peach and Pumpkins understand the concern for baby friendly safe products that 

Each transaction is secure because Peach and Pumpkins uses an SSL encryption and the most trusted payment processors (Stripe® and PayPal®). As a result, customers all over the globe have confidence to shop while still enjoying affordability and worldwide flat rate shipping. Peach and Pumpkins works exclusively with manufacturing partners which means there are no middle men and extra costs involved.

Whether it’s a playmat, swaddle or even baby knee pads, Peach and Pumpkins always prioritise quality and safety. They also offer excellent customer service before, during and after the purchase. This way, customers gain complete peace of mind every step of the way.

Highlighting the business’s rapid growth in the recent months, Adam, co-owner of Peach and Pumpkins mentioned, “We are thankful that we live in a world of social media, where people can share their passions and unique things they find on the internet. Our unique products definitely get people talking which we leverage on. We look forward living up to their expectations by making continuous improvements to our service quality.”

After the humble beginnings of starting with only a few products and the viral success - this has catapulted the small business to reaching the 5,000-customer milestone. Peach and Pumpkins now aims to be a one-stop shop for people looking for unique baby gifts and accessories for loved ones. This will be accomplished by offering more quality products and exceeding standards and customer expectations. They also aim to build a stronger community of loving parents who only want the best for their children and can enjoy a laugh along the way.

If you want to be a part of this community, you can sign up to their mailing list as a first-time customer (and receive a 10% OFF coupon code on your first purchase). Customers included in their mailing list also receive additional coupons and they are the first to know about exclusive discounts and flash sales.

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Peach and Pumpkins is a small family-owned online store that sells viral and trending products usually first on the market such as baby swaddles, playmats, toys, and baby accessories to customers all around the globe. They prioritise safety, quality, security and affordability so loving parents will have an exceptional online retail store experience.