Stuck or Clueless? Here are 5 Fun Baby Presents for Christmas 2018

October 18, 2018 0 Comments

Stuck or Clueless? Here are 5 Fun Baby Presents for Christmas 2018

Holidays are fast approaching and it’s not easy to figure out which gift to get for a baby. After all, you want it to be really delightful and perfect for the newborn (and also please the mum).

That’s why in this article we’ll give you popular and fun suggestions. This way you can get inspired on which one to buy or even decide today so the gift will be ready. Let’s start.

Bright & Cute Baby Clothes for Christmas

We’ll start with the basics first. After all, this kind of gift guarantees that the baby will use it. Also, Christmas baby clothes are perfect for the holidays, which is why you have to get this right. This might be the only chance for the baby to use your gift.

How to get it right anyway? First, most buyers are worried on whether the clothes will fit to the baby. The measurements may not be right thereby making the clothes unwearable or uncomfortable.

In general, there’s a measurement range for each baby’s age group. As they get older, expect the lengths and busts to go longer. However, the measurements could be hard to estimate. A safer option is to rely on the baby’s age instead.

For instance, here we have cute baby clothes with a matching size chart. We have an awesome Christmas collection appropriate for babies of ages (in months) 0-6, 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24. We’ve also included a guide with each product on how to get the measurements right for your additional peace of mind.

To further ensure the correct size and measurement, it might be good to directly ask the mum (the recipient). This way, instead of using the age as basis, you have a more certain way by knowing the measurements. Also, your estimate about the baby’s age might be far from correct.

But if you can’t ask the mum about the baby’s measurement, you can still calculate the baby’s age and then use the size chart to figure out which one to buy. You can view the mum’s Facebook and Instagram profile and take note of the most recent birthday celebration of the baby or the day the baby’s photo first got posted. This is still a relatively safe way to get the correct size because the interval or range is wide enough (e.g. 0-6 months, 6-12 months).

Aside from buying the correct size, it’s really important that the clothes will be good in Instagram photos. Baby rompers, dresses, skirts and jackets should always be bright and stand out. After all, bright photos tend to get more Instagram likes and comments because our eyes are naturally attracted to bright things.

Baby Swim Floats for Babies 3 months to 2 years old

Aside from bright things, humans are also constantly being drawn to the water. After all, it makes us cool down and have an adventure at the same time.

It’s the same case with babies who want to explore and have an adventure. Whether it’s at the pool or bathtub, they will always want to swim and have a blast. That’s why if you’ll give a baby a swim float, he/she and the mum will really be delighted at your present. Your Christmas present is sure to bring out the infant’s smile and energy. Imagine the almost daily photo shoot at the bathtub because of your gift.

But you still want to ensure the swim float will be useful, comfortable, safe and delightful to the baby. That’s what the Mambofloat Baby Water Float - Swim Trainer does. With ergonomic design and maximum comfort, certainly this will build up the baby’s confidence while at the water.

You might have also heard about inflatable swim floats. However, these are vulnerable to leaks (risky or the float’s lifetime could be really short). As a result, many parents choose baby swim floats (or swim trainers) that have premium foam inside. Aside from mums having peace of mind (no worries about leaks anymore), the babies will really enjoy the water because the swim float made from premium foam offers superior buoyancy and comfort. It’s a small difference in features, but the experience could be totally different for the little bub.

To ensure safety and security, there’s a safety lock catch and harness vest so the baby will stay in position (e.g. no slipping while the baby is paddling). Also, the anti-flip design makes the Mambofloat Baby Water Float the safe choice because of the widened sides and heightened float front (avoid tipping over). Every detail of this product is made for maximum safety, comfort and ultimate fun at the bathtub or pool.

Baby Beach Tent

The ultimate fun really starts outdoors (whether at the backyard or beach). But for the baby to be protected from the sun and heat, a good, shady and comfortable beach tent is the best.

For example the Babybyme Widesea Beach Tent (recommended for babies up to 3 years old) does exactly that. The tent provides a shady place for the little bub while at the beachside. It’s a perfect companion for the baby and the whole family for their next beach day. It’s also a perfect place for the baby to relax, sleep and play. That’s because the tent can be turned into a mini pool (just add a little water inside the attached baby pool).

Aside from the beach, the tent is also perfect for the backyard. Even if it’s not a family beach day, the baby can still find joy in the tent. Also, the baby will be protected from pesky pests and blustery winds (while still providing enough airflow for excellent ventilation). Indeed, the infant will enjoy and remain safe and comfortable outdoors because of this present.

Many parents also choose this because of the tent’s protection against UV (up to 99% of UVA and UVB). In addition, the tent provides strong support (the entire structure is sturdy) and it’s easy to unfold (and fold) and put together. Even mums with really little time can quickly and easily set up the tent.

Footmuff Stroller Bag for the cooler seasons

Soon the beach days will be over or there will be days when it’s unusually colder. In either case babies need to stay warm and cosy no matter the season.

This is exactly what the Elodie Footmuff Stroller Bags do. Aside from providing warmth and comfort to the baby during the cold winter days, this high-end sleepsack stroller bag also provides babies with a taste of luxury. Design-minded parents will really be delighted with this kind of gift. Made from soft cotton velvet and with a faux fur collar, it’s more than just a present. It’s also a fashion statement and everyone around won’t help but notice.

Recommended for babies up to 2 years old, it offers full length zip for protection and ventilation. The baby will also be protected from dirt, wind, rain and snow. This makes it ideal even during cold winters outdoors. As a result, both the baby and the mum will have a great time outside even if it’s chilly. The mum will also have an easy time because the whole thing can be machine washed and tumble dried.

It’s a perfect treat for both the mum and little bub. Function and fashion are what best describes this kind of gift. It will truly be useful for the baby while the mum will take pride on what her baby uses during winter days.

Maternity Bags available in attractive colours

Don’t forget about the mum. After all, she’s the one the baby is spending the most time with. If the mum is having a great time, expect the baby to follow.

One great way to help with that is the Lequeen Maternity All In One Nappy Bag. It’s also the perfect example of function and fashion. It has a superior function because it’s specifically designed for the needs and activities of the mum.

Every mum knows how huge a hassle it is to dig everything out before she can find what she’s looking for. The maternity bag has a large fish mouth opening which makes it easier and faster to take things in and out. This makes it perfect for travel and while on the go. Aside from the baby’s stuff, there’s also enough room for the parents’ belongings.

This nappy bag is also specifically designed to look great outdoors. Mums take pride as they use and bring the bag. It’s one of the amazing presents you can give to a mum with a newborn. You make the mum’s life easier (and more fashionable) while also indirectly contributing to the child’s proper care and happiness. After all, the mum will now have an easier time to attend to the needs of the child because of the nappy bag (can be used as a handbag, shoulder bag or a backpack).

Fun baby presents for Christmas 2018

As a recap, you can start with these fun presents that will delight both the mum and baby:

  1. Cute Christmas Clothes for Babies
  2. Mambofloat Baby Water Float - Swim Trainer
  3. BabyByMe Widesea Beach Tent
  4. Elodie Footmuff Stroller Bags
  5. Lequeen Maternity All In One Nappy Bag

All of these are specifically designed for the needs of the baby or the mum. Made from top-quality materials, these are sure to be durable, comfortable and long lasting.

The holidays are fast approaching so it might be good to check those products before the stocks run out.