Top 5 Tips To Take Care of Your Newborn Baby: Real Advice From Moms Around the Globe

December 10, 2019 0 Comments

Top 5 Tips To Take Care of Your Newborn Baby: Real Advice From Moms Around the Globe

It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes to become a first-time parent. There are lots of considerations and adjustments that you need to make up for, but hey just take it easy and take one step at a time.

Every expert parent was once a beginner. I’ve been in the same boat as you are now, I was close to being clueless when I first started taking care of my newborn Amber. I did attend various parenting seminars and workshops, but I only learned the following tips by connecting from real moms around the globe. 

  1. You can do work while your baby sleeps (Yes, you can do the vacuum and do the dishes)

Most first time moms don’t do any work while their baby sleeps. They have this idea that if they do the dishes and vacuum the floor, it would interrupt their baby’s sleep. It turns out this idea is a complete fallacy. The womb where your baby grows is loud, which means that they are used to hearing noises. 

This just simply means that while your baby sleeps, you can do the dishes or talk on the phone while he/she is sleeping. I tried it myself; it’s always fulfilling that I could get the stuff done while my baby gets that power nap he or she needs. The next time your friend visits you while your baby is sleeping, there will be no need to hush you, friend, you can talk with one another without interrupting your baby’s sleep. 

  1. Sooth your baby when cries

Crying is the sole language your baby knows, so don’t become impatient when your baby cries. This only indicates that she needs something, and you need to provide it there. It’s either her diaper is wet, she’s hungry, or she’s in pain. I tend to pat her back in a heartbeat-like rhythm; it helps her calm down and makes her burp quickly. 

There are 5 calming moves, according to Dr. Karp, and these are: swaddling, shushing, holding her on her side, patting, and swinging. You can also let your child suck on something; it will help in calming her down. If patting does not work, you can try the six ways and see if one of them works. 

  1. Prep

You have to be ready for your baby’s next meal. After his/her 11 p.m/ feed, you can prepare for your baby’s 2 a.m. feed. By preparing, you can make sure that you are not missing any of your baby’s feed, and you can quickly accommodate your baby’s needs on time. 

This will also give you the advantage to take a nap or catch e-mail while your baby sleeps since you have prepared everything. 

  1. Keep your baby awake during feedings

There are times when your baby is sleepy and hungry at the same time, or he/she just woke up, and she asked for food, you can gently massage her cheeks. This will stimulate your baby to eat faster. When your baby feels full before she sends herself to sleep, the long sleep she will have, which is a great thing. Your baby will wake up with a calmer mood and not mention; you can complete other stuff while she sleeps. 

  1. Bond

It’s important that you have a strong bond with your baby, and of course, you also have to let your baby spend ample time with his/her dad. Your husband has a different voice and touch; this will create another bonding process in which your baby can feel. 

Always make sure that your baby is well-fed and well-rested, this will ensure that he/she is not missing any growth development that he could undergo during this milestone. 

It’s always fun to enter the parenting world, but it requires you to have the knowledge to be able to handle everything on the process of keeping your baby and yourself happy. Now that you know some of these tips, parenting will be much easier for you.